Ante Instrument Group invests 100 million yuan to build standardized workshops

2012-04-18 13:15:26 39

"When I first came to Qingtian, I was not familiar with the place where I was born. If there is no standard factory building, there would be no development of the company today." Liu Chunhe, head of the Qingtian production branch of Hangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd., talked about Ante's standard factory building with excitement. In 2007, this company, which mainly produces mineral water from Master Kong, came to Qingtian to invest and build a branch factory. It rented a standard factory building in Ante Industrial Park. After several years of development, the company’s factory building has now expanded from 3,700 square meters to 7,400. Square meters.

Up to now, there have been 17 enterprises in Ante Industrial Park that have leased standard workshops and started production like "Dingjin".

Qingtian County has many mountains and little land, and the land resources are very scarce. In developing industry, it is necessary to take the road of intensive development. In order to maximize the benefits of every inch of land, our county actively encourages enterprises to increase the unit land plot ratio through old factory reconstruction, workshop reconstruction, and construction of standard factory buildings, and solve the bottleneck of land use, so as to achieve the purpose of saving land resources.

In 2007, Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. invested 100 million yuan to carry out the construction of standardized workshops. After the completion of the workshops, more than a dozen companies such as Dingjin, Yuanhang, and Ouying were introduced to form an industrial park that has begun to take shape.

In fact, due to the high threshold of capital and technology, the development of industrial parks has rarely seen private capital. And Ante is the first step in the development of Qingtian County’s industrial economy, becoming the first private enterprise in Qingtian County to set foot in the industrial park. At the same time, it has also become a successful model for investment promotion in Qingtian County, and it is known as the "small business base".

One of the secrets of Ante’s success is that after the introduction of the company, Ante did not give up as a shopkeeper and simply took advantage of the rent. "We are not just landlords. After enterprises enter, we must provide assistance and services within our capacity for their development and growth." said Yu Junwei, deputy general manager of Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. Treating "newcomers" companies, Ante is more like treating "babies in swaddling", providing enterprises with supporting services such as finance, business and life.

Enterprise development will inevitably encounter difficulties in capital turnover. In response to the actual situation, Ante has launched financial services such as joint guarantees and loans. When an enterprise needs capital turnover, Ante will use the industrial park as a guarantee, or organize joint guarantees for other enterprises in the park, to facilitate the emergency turnover of the enterprise and relieve the worry about financing of the settled enterprise.

Zhejiang Keller Energy-saving Door, Window and Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. was originally an enterprise in Wenzhou. In 2010, because of development needs, Zhejiang Keller came to Qingtian from Wenzhou. In the past two years, Keller’s output value has also been rising. In the first quarter of this year, the company’s output value has More than 20 million yuan. The company's general manager Zhang Wenhao told reporters that Ante's help is indispensable for the company's development. This year, under the lead of Ante, Keller successfully received the door and window business of the Baichuan Runcheng real estate.

It is the intimate service of the "landlord and nanny" style that enables the enterprises settled in the Ante Industrial Park to develop steadily. None of the enterprises have business problems, and the settled enterprises are truly "attracted, retained, and at ease".