Professor Lin Shaoxiong of Shanghai University visited Ni Dongfang Art Museum

2018-05-18 15:25:42 antegroup 14

On the morning of May 17, 2018, Lin Shaoxiong, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, was invited to visit the Ni Dongfang Art Museum.

Professor Lin Shaoxiong visited various exhibition halls of the museum under the guidance of the museum staff, listened carefully to the staff's introduction, stopped to admire the stone carvings from time to time, and exchanged and communicated with the museum staff on the history and production technology of Qingtian stone carvings. . During the process, Professor Lin fully affirmed the museum's work in stone carving works, display and exhibition, and especially appreciated the museum's reliance on the Ante Group for exhibitions, so that intangible cultural heritage can be fully protected and rationally utilized.ANTE INSTRUMENT GROUP CO., LTD.

▲Curator Hua explains Master Ni’s stone carving art to Professor Lin

After the visit, Professor Lin also had a discussion with the staff of the museum. He believed that Qingtian has a long history, a rich cultural heritage, and a rich historical and cultural heritage. As a window of urban history, culture and tourism, the museum should give full play to its advantages. While protecting and inheriting the history and culture of Qingtian and digging into stone cultural resources, it should highlight and innovate the museum’s display characteristics so that the historical context of Qingtian can be continued in this city. Professor Lin also introduced the development trend of world museums and put forward the museum 4.0 concept, which opened the eyes of our staff and benefited a lot.


▲Lin Shaoxiong made valuable suggestions for the construction of the museum


Lin Shaoxiong is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai University, director of the Art and Urban Creativity Research Center of Shanghai University, and a member of the Chinese National Aesthetic Association and the Chinese Society of Chinese Painting. Mainly engaged in the study of art history and art, Chinese culture and aesthetics, he has presided over the completion of 2 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, published 9 academic monographs, edited or participated in the writing of 23 series and books, and published more than 60 academic papers.