Ante Incubation Park helps small and micro enterprises to thriveAnte Incubation Park helps small and micro enterprises to thrive

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Walking into the Ante Incubation Park, there are many factories and trees, and the spring is coming to your face. On the afternoon of March 7, the reporter came to the production workshop of Zhejiang Unibao Environmental Material Co., Ltd. in the park. The production machinery and equipment were running at high speed. The employees were also busy in their respective positions, working overtime to catch up with the goods.


It is understood that the company is a manufacturing company introduced by Ante Incubation Park in the second half of 2018. The company independently researches and develops TPU film, TPU leather and green materials for related composite products. The project investment is 50 million yuan and the estimated annual output value is 80 million yuan.        


"At the beginning of March this year, this company officially settled down and put into operation. This is a happy event for the park to fully implement the "two mountains" concept, achieve precise investment in the park, and promote the high-quality and green development of Qingtian." Yuan Yaozu, head of Ante Incubation Park, introduced The park’s “introduction of phoenix” has its own style. While keeping the standards for entering the park, it focuses on introducing high-tech enterprises, high-output and low-energy-consuming enterprises, and at the same time strives to create a high-quality incubation environment, promote technological innovation of enterprises in the park, and realize enterprise transformation and upgrading. "First of all, we must be a good'incubator' to help companies solve problems such as funding and policy answers. When the company develops, it will bring the development of the entire park to life, and this company will grow from a'young eagle' to an'eagle eagle' '." Yuan Yaozu said.


In recent years, in addition to providing venues for enterprises, Ante Incubation Park also provides free license processing, low-interest or interest-free loans, project declaration, legal policy consultation, import and export commodity inspection and customs declaration, and assisting enterprises to fight for technological entrepreneurship. Support funds and other "mother-style" services. Under the careful cultivation of Ante Incubation Park, a group of enterprises in the park have grown steadily and successfully transformed and upgraded into high-tech enterprises. High-tech enterprises such as Baikai Technology and Mingda Technology have emerged, which have attracted great attention from the industry. , Has been unanimously praised by the industry.

In response to the call of "introducing the phoenix" in the park, Zhejiang Yazheng Zipper Co., Ltd. "moved" to Qingtian in 2017, and under the support and guidance of the park, it has continuously promoted technological transformation and strived to achieve fully automatic zipper production. "Only by carrying out scientific research and development can we improve production stability and efficiency, and reduce production costs." The company's person in charge, Wang Dongjun, said that at present, the company can produce more than 1 million zippers a day. In 2018, it will pay 900,000 yuan in profits and taxes. He said that it is precisely because the park provides the company with staff accommodation and park environment upgrade services that allow the company to concentrate on research and development and improve production efficiency.

It is precisely because of years of meticulous construction and meticulous service in the park that the "young eagles" who enter the park are becoming more and more prosperous and fluttering their wings. The incubation system of the park has gradually matured, such as Ouying Packaging, Nikka Optics, etc. "Golden Phoenix" flew out of the park one after another and continued to take root in Qingtian, which also brought a double harvest of economic and social benefits.


“There are currently 25 enterprises in the park, and 7 enterprises have been cultivated, including Zhejiang Meiqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Kele Energy-saving Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.. Last year, the park’s output value reached 1.25 billion yuan and tax revenue reached 500 Yuan Yaozu said that in the future, the park will continue to expand the scale of benefits, increase the level of intensive, strengthen independent innovation, and build it into a provincial-level technology business incubator with distinctive features, first-class services, and complete supporting facilities for the city and even The development of small and micro enterprise parks in the province provides a model for Qingtian.