The Standing Committee of the Qingtian County Party Committee discussed and approved the "Overall Plan for the Seventh Qingtian Stone Carving Cultural Festival"

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The 7th Qingtian Stone Carving Culture Festival

On July 13, 2018, the Qingtian County Party Committee held a standing committee meeting.

The meeting discussed and passed the "Overall Plan for the Seventh Qingtian Stone Carving Cultural Festival."

Stone carving is a golden business card of our county, and the stone carving industry is our county's traditional advantageous industry. By holding this stone carving festival:

First, it is necessary to expand the influence of Qingtian stone carving. It is necessary to obtain the support and participation of industry masters and experts, but also to attract the attention of civil servants, urban white-collar workers and other industry personnel. It is necessary to create a strong momentum in the county, and to expand its reputation and popularity outside the county. Reputation.

Second, we must reinvigorate the confidence of the stone carving industry, carefully plan the activities during and after the stone carving festival, activate the sale of stone carving products, and prosper the stone carving market, so as to stimulate the atmosphere of creation and innovation, and help the stone carving industry solve practical problems.

Third, we must rely on the Stone Sculpture Festival to seek new breakthroughs, introduce a number of new ideas, new methods, new projects and new mechanisms, and make the Stone Sculpture Festival grand, enthusiastic and full of vitality through various activities and carriers, so as to complement the current facing of the stone carving industry. The shortcomings of the county have promoted the county's stone carving industry to a new level.


It has been 27 years since the first Stone Carving Cultural Festival was held in Qingtian County in 1992. The previous Qingtian Stone Carving Cultural Festivals aim to better promote the stone carving culture and fully demonstrate the long history, exquisite skills and profound cultural heritage of Qingtian stone carving. The brand image of Qingtian stone carving enhances the cultural taste and promotes the economic and social development of Qingtian.

The Stone Sculpture Cultural Festival witnessed how the Qingtian stone carving industry developed, became famous, transformed and upgraded step by step. Fully demonstrate the beauty of Chinese famous stones, use stone as a medium, exchange skills, exchange culture, and pass on friendship, and further promote the development of the stone carving industry, which will have a positive and important influence on the development of Chinese famous stone culture and the promotion of carving art.