The Silk Road Working Committee held the "‘Belt and Road’ Qingtian Cultural Development Forum"

2018-06-06 10:28:53 antegroup 6

On June 3, 2018, the Silk Road International Cooperation Working Committee and Ni Dongfang Art Museum jointly hosted the "Belt and Road" Qingtian Cultural Development Forum. Zhang Baowen, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress, former chairman of the Democratic League Central Committee, and vice chairman of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, Zheng Liping, deputy director of the Lishui Municipal People’s Congress, Zhou Heping, the county magistrate of Qingtian County, Ji Lihua, director of the Qingtian County National People’s Congress, master of Chinese arts and crafts, Ni Dongfang, the master of handicrafts in the Asia-Pacific region and honorary curator of Ni Dongfang Art Museum, Cao Zhihui, chairman of the Silk Road International Cooperation Working Committee, Liu Jianwu, chairman of Ante Group and curator of Ni Dongfang Art Museum, etc. attended the symposium.


(Left first) Liu Jianwu, (Left third) Ni Dongfang, (Left fourth) Zhang Baowen, (Left fifth) Cao Zhihui

Vice Chairman Zhang Baowen pointed out that Qingtian, as a "bridgehead" for cultural exchange and development between China and the West, plays an important role in developing the "Belt and Road" cultural industry, promoting cultural self-confidence, inheriting cultural heritage, and promoting people-to-people communication. Give guidance to the first World Overseas Chinese Import and Export Commodity Fair and Global Brand Product Special Trade Fair to be held in Qingtian in November, and hope that all departments will work together to ensure that this year's national and internationalization must be held with a high starting point, high standards and high requirements. , A high-end expo with multicultural integration, not only allows participants to experience Lishui’s beautiful mountains and rivers and Eurasian customs, but also makes the expo a practical window to showcase the achievements of Lishui’s green development and ecological civilization construction, and take this as an opportunity to systematically plan And to promote the humanistic and economic development of Qingtian, it has become the "golden card" of Qingtian's opening to the outside world.

On the day of the meeting, the leaders and guests visited the Ante Group Ni Dongfang Art Museum.