Qingtian County Organization Minister Jin Zhihong investigates the party branch of Ante Park

2020-06-04 13:52:37 antegroup 12

On June 3, Jin Zhihong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of Organization, and Feng Ping, director of the two new divisions of the Municipal Organization Department, went to the party branch of Ante Park to investigate and guide the grassroots party building work. The town party committee deputy secretary and mayor Zeng Bangfeng accompanied the investigation.


At the Party Member Activity Center of the Ante Park, Liu Jianwu, the secretary of the Party branch of the Ante Park, reported that during the special period of this year’s epidemic prevention and control, party members were organized to carry out volunteer services, participate in the prevention and control of stuck points, spray and disinfect the roads in the park, and treat employees Propaganda of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, etc., at the same time, the General Party Branch of Ante Park, the Party Building Office of Wenxi Town, and the Qingtian County Rural Commercial Bank Tower built an enterprise-assisted "Finance Alliance" platform for the resumption of work of small and micro enterprises in Ante Park Resumption of production and Ante Group’s new party building plan and other party building work.


Through listening to reports and on-site visits, Jin Zhihong and his entourage affirmed the grassroots organization construction work done by the Party branch of Ante Park during the epidemic prevention and control period and the "village-enterprise joint construction", and also praised the education and training of party members, themed party day activities, and party building Put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction plan of the museum.


The General Party Branch of Ante Park is an advanced basic-level party organization in Zhejiang Province and a demonstration site for party building in Qingtian County. Ante Small and Micro Business Incubation Park has complete infrastructure and complete production and living facilities. At present, it has been successfully recognized as "the first batch of small and micro business incubators in Zhejiang Province", "Lishui Municipal Pioneer Park", "Lishui City Technology Business Incubator" and other honors.