Ounan Street went to Dongbaoshan Overseas Chinese Cultural Museum Eco-city Planning Museum to visit and exchange

2020-08-29 15:12:33 jcadmin 13


On August 27th, Ou Nan Sub-district organized more than 30 people including leaders from the villages of Kuishi Village, Qiancang Village, Shiguoxia Village, Pingfengzhai Village, cadres in the village, and cadres of the two village committees to visit the Dongbao Mountain Planning Museum .

The group first watched the project promotion video, and then listened to the introduction of the Dongbaoshan Overseas Chinese Cultural Museum Eco-City project by the staff in the museum, and learned in detail about the overall layout and zoning plan of the Dongbaoshan project as well as the future development during the exchange. Ecological sustainability advantages.



Everyone is very optimistic about the spatial structure of the project "One Belt, Four Cores, Two Green Lungs", and affirmed that the excavation on the basis of preserving the green ecology shows the concept of local multicultural integration. It is fully understood that the project, as a landmark project of Qingtian's north-south uphills, is of great significance for accelerating the joint development of Qingtian city clusters and surrounding areas.



At the subsequent symposium, Xia Wangmin, director of the Working Committee of the People's Congress of Ounan Street, introduced the current progress and future prospects of the project, and further analyzed the important role of the project in improving the quality of life and developing Qingtian's economy.

At the same time, Secretary Ye Zukang put forward three suggestions for the promotion and development of the project: one is to unify the thoughts of cadres, and to really pay attention to it; second, it is better to work late than to do it early, and to really take action; third, to deepen the policy processing and truly take responsibility.

The speeches made by relevant leaders of Ounan Street pointed out the direction for the future work of Ounan Street and injected impetus into the Dongbaoshan Overseas Chinese Cultural Museum Eco-city Project. I believe that in the near future, this project will also live up to expectations, allowing everyone who goes up the mountain to enjoy the European-style quality of life and enjoy a colorful cultural tour!

The follow-up is exciting, so stay tuned!