Colombia TECUN company customers visit Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

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On March 12, Luis, Technical director of TECUN, a strategic partner of Colombia, visited Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. With the end of the epidemic and Luis's visit, both sides will carry out extensive cooperation in market and product.

The introduction of the new office building and automated production system of Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. has injected new impetus into the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd., as one of the world's most influential intelligent electricity meter manufacturing and informatization system solutions providers, has complete product research and development, testing, production and sales teams. TECUN has many years of rich experience in the sales of smart electricity meters and the development, deployment and maintenance of AMI system.

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After a brief welcoming ceremony, Luis, accompanied by the company's management team, visited the exhibition hall of the company, where he learned about the history, vision and plans of the company, and shared with them the profound culture, modern business philosophy and future development plans of the Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

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We walked into the workshop and briefly introduced the automatic production process to Luis, including the automatic SMT mounting workshop, the automatic milling machine split-plate process, the selective wave soldering process, the automatic FCT and AOI collaborative PCBA testing process, and the three anti-coating process. Cooperate with automatic assembly line, fully automated factory inspection and fully automated packaging line to complete the whole processing and manufacturing process of smart electricity meters. Luis spoke highly of the smart manufacturing and digitization workshop of Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd., saying that Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is in a leading position in the global smart energy meter industry and is already at the forefront of the digital age. With the support of intelligent production equipment, we will be able to produce smart energy meter products with excellent quality and leading technology. Afterwards, we visited the company laboratory together.

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The technology team of Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. and Luis connected the TECUN market and the engineering team on the other side of the ocean to discuss the development trend of the South American market. By 2030, there will be 14 million smart electricity meters in Colombia based on the AMI system. Both sides need to cooperate deeply on the AMI system. In-depth communication was conducted in the selection of MDM, HES, DCU and physical layer communication links based on application scenarios. The functional realization of intelligent electricity meters based on DLMS and STS standards was discussed, and the demand side was defined and confirmed.

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Finally, in order to establish a long-term cooperative relationship and achieve long-term goals, Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TECUN of Colombia based AMI management system for smart electric meters. The signing ceremony was held in the conference hall on the third floor of the group and a group photo was taken

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