A delegation led by the Investment Department of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology conducted research on Ante Group

2023-11-04 20:20:53 jcadmin 2

Recently, Hu Zhentao, the Investment Director and Second level Inspector of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, led a team to conduct special research on manufacturing investment and major projects at Ante Instrument Group. Zhou Zairong, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, and relevant officials from Qingtian County and the Bureau of Commerce accompanied the research.


Director Hu Zhentao fully listened to the introduction of Liu Jianwu, Chairman of Ante Group, on the development and production and operation of the enterprise, and understood the achievements of the enterprise's digital and intelligent technology transformation projects, as well as the main difficulties and demands currently existing. The research group visited the Ante Digital Manufacturing Workshop and listened to the report on the construction work of next year's major technological transformation investment project.


Hu Zhentao pointed out that new industrialization is the key task of Chinese path to modernization, and technological transformation is an important part of new industrialization. On the basis of digital, intelligent, and green transformation of manufacturing industry, all regions should follow a distinctive and professional innovation model, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the industry; We should take the construction of major provincial projects as the starting point, fully promote the recruitment and construction of manufacturing projects, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.


Ante Instrument Group is a professional provider of intelligent energy meters and electricity information system solutions. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a member unit of the National Electrical Instrument Standardization Committee. It is a qualified supplier of intelligent energy meters for State Grid Corporation of China and a small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province that specializes in precision, novelty, and innovation.